About Us

Anderson’s Bookshops are located just outside Chicago, IL in Naperville, Downers Grove and La Grange. As independent booksellers since 1875, we pride ourselves on our expertise for every customer and our relationships within our communities. From unparalleled school visits to focused hand-selling campaigns to wonderful in-store and off-site public events, the Anderson’s team is committed to connecting authors with as many readers as possible.


Our History

Our history dates back to 1875 when our great-great grandfather Wickel opened W. W. Wickel Pharmacy in Naperville, IL. Naperville was a small farming town at that time, and our great-great grandfather and his son-in-law Louis Oswald sold books along with all of the other items in the store. Surviving the depression, Oswald’s, or Ozzie’s as many people came to call it, became ingrained in our town’s fabric. Naperville has now grown to over 147,000, making it one of the largest cities in Illinois.

In 1964 our grandfather opened our first official bookstore above the drugstore, calling it Paperback Paradise. Since then we have expanded and moved several times, eventually moving to our current space on Jefferson Avenue, then opening our Downers Grove store in 1980, a children’s wholesale warehouse bookfair company, Anderson’s Bookfair Company (ABC Fairs), in 1982, our La Grange store in 2015, and our toyshop in 2016.

The members 5th generation that own and run the businesses today all started to work at a very young age at our family’s drugstore. Working alongside your grandfather, parents, brothers, sister, and children is a family tradition that creates community within your family, and reaches your employees, your customers, and beyond your brick and mortar location. Each generation of our family has offered new touches and ideas to keep us innovative, fresh and exciting. We are general stores with a commitment to the communities in which we do business. In 2010, we begin our 135th year in business with the sixth generation of the family now working in our stores.  

We have six generations that have lived and breathed this community; we are here to stay, thrive, and help make it a great place for all with whom we come in contact. 


Awards & Recognition for Anderson's Bookshops

2001  Retail Business of the Year - Naperville Chamber of Commerce

2002  Illinois Family Business of the Year  Loyola University Family Business Center

2002  Exemplary Partnership Award - Illinois State Board of Education

2002  Business and Education District 204

2002  Lucille Pannell Award - Best Children’s Bookseller (General store) for the best bookseller of children’s books in the nation

2002  Charles S. Haslam Award for Excellence in Bookselling - Becky Anderson Wilkins

2003  Business and Education Award Naperville Dist. 203

2005  Outstanding Alumni Award Naperville Central H.S. - Becky Anderson Wilkins

2006  New York State Reading Association Excellence Award

2006  Illinois State Board of Education’s Award of Excellence for community volunteerism - Becky Anderson Wilkins

2007  James Patterson Page Turner Award: buyer Mary Yockey

2007  Chicago Tribune Chicago’s 10 Best Bookstores

2007  Naperville Family History Recognition - Naper-Days Naperville Heritage Society

2008  The Education Center Community Partner Award - Becky Anderson Wilkins

2008  Building a Passion for Reading Award- Naperville School Dist. 203 - Becky Anderson Wilkins

2009  Voice of the Heartland Award from the Great Lakes Independent Booksellers Association: recognizing "a person or company in the book industry for a lifetime contribution to regional books," to Becky Anderson Wilkins, Anderson's Bookshops, Naperville and Downers Grove.

2010  Retail Business of the Year - Naperville Chamber of Commerce

2010  Small Business of the Year - Naperville Chamber of Commerce

2011  Publisher's Weekly Bookstore of the Year 

2015 Lucille Pannell Award - Best Children’s Bookseller (General store) for the best bookseller of children’s books in the nation

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