Anderson's Bookfair Company


Why choose an Anderson's Book Fair?


  • Our fairs feature a diverse lineup of the latest titles curated by our reading experts!

  • Our fairs have books for kids (and adults!) in a wide range of formats and genres!

  • Our fairs have selective toys that are both fun and help kids stay calm and focused. You can request as many (or few) as you want in your fair.

  • Your options include a virtual or in-person book fair, and include virtual and/or paper flyers.

  • With your virtual or in-person book fair, you have access to an online toolkit chock full of helpful promotional pieces!

  • When you schedule an Anderson's Book Fair, you get exclusive access to our Authors-in-Schools author visit program!


In short, an Anderson's Book Fair focuses on your students and the books they want to read. Our goal is to help inspire your students, ignite their love of reading, all while raising money for your school and supporting a local independent business!


Anderson's EDUCATOR Book Fairs!

Did you know we can also host book fairs for educators and teachers at our warehouse in Aurora? Our educator book fairs are...

  • ... customizable! We can tailor your educator book fair to any budget. You can select books for your staff to shop ahead of time, or we can curate them for you.

  • ... flexible! Dates and times are based on the needs of your staff.

  • ... free! The only cost is the books that will go in your school's and classroom libraries.


Click here to learn more, or contact Laura Evans ( or 630-820-0044) to schedule an Anderson's Book Fair at your district or school.