Travel Diaries of an Atypical Businessman: Conducting Business in Foreign Lands (Paperback)

Travel Diaries of an Atypical Businessman: Conducting Business in Foreign Lands By Malcolm Teasdale Cover Image
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This is a revised 2020 version of the original Travel Diaries of an Atypical Businessman that was first released in 2008, however this one is completely UNFILTERED, a real "no holds barred" edition that will raise your eyebrows. It's about real-life experiences from a successful entrepreneur who has traveled to over 90 countries either for business or pleasure during his lifetime. Malcolm Teasdale shares his tribulations and lessons learned as he conducted business in foreign lands as a technical and sales professional in the telecommunications industry. Teasdale offers highlights from many of his trips overseas to countries with vast cultural diversity such as: Switzerland, Russia, Belize, Brazil, Argentina, Iceland, Peru, India, Japan, Brazil, China, as well as many others. As he faced the challenges of understanding different languages, dialects, and accents, Teasdale was also learning how to deal with the chaos of airline travel, the uncertainty surrounding business partnerships and the challenge of adapting to foreign business cultures. A list of Teasdale's opinions about travel related items in the World is included with his votes for the most exciting place, worst organized traffic, countries with the greatest language barriers and several other categories. Teasdale details his sometimes frustrating, often humorous experiences as he explored foreign lands in this fascinating journal sure to appeal to any kind of traveler.

About the Author

Malcolm Teasdale is Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of an entrepreneurial software development company. As the company has a global presence, he has traveled extensively to many parts of the World conducting business. His business and personal travel portfolio includes visits to over 60 countries. He was born in Coventry, England. He attended school and college in Coventry before joining the workplace. As well as full time employment with a couple of the major telecommunications companies in the U.K., he owned and managed discotheques and night clubs. He moved to Canada for 2 years before a company transfer and a dislike for severe cold caused a move back to the U.K., although out of the city and into the countryside of South Wales. Itchy feet caused a company transfer to South Florida, which pre-empted a job offer and relocation to Papua New Guinea. The appeal of white sandy beaches and future travel experiences across the USA outweighed the images of rainforests and skull shrinking. He has been in the USA for the last 25 years, and since 1991 has been instrumental in creating 2 successful companies with global markets. He has a wealth of experience culminating from many years of personal and business travel experiences, and various key speaking and writing assignments for his industry. He has been very fortunate with the many opportunities to visit and learn about different cultures all over the World.
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ISBN: 9781461011323
ISBN-10: 1461011329
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: December 30th, 2008
Pages: 320
Language: English