The Secret of the Thirteenth Month: Harvesting the Time to Achieve Your Life's Dreams (Paperback)

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What if you could have a thirteenth month or more every year for the rest of your life? What if you finally could have the time you want and need to pursue your life's dreams; the time to make your life truly meaningful and fulfilling? How desperately do you long for enough time to end the stress and sense of overwhelm caused by too little time and too much to do? Wouldn't it be liberating to truly feel you're in control of your time and life and not a victim of other people's schedules? Now you can "The Secret of the Thirteenth Month" reveals a simple, proven, step-by-step solution to provide the time you crave; the equivalent of a thirteenth month or more every year Discover how you, too, can learn the "secret" and have this amazing gift of time just by making easy changes to your daily routine. Elegant in its simplicity; yet profound in its impact, "The Secret of the Thirteenth Month" can produce immediate life-changing results regardless of the reader's current circumstances. Unlike traditional time management books and programs, "The Secret of the Thirteenth Month" provides unique insights into "harvesting time" that currently slips away unnoticed and unused. The reader will discover how much time is truly available and how to put it to use for any chosen purpose. Discover how to: Have more time for anything you want in life. Have more time for family, friends and loved ones, or just some quiet time for yourself. Have time to finish or get more education to supercharge your career. Restore peace of mind, eliminate stress, frustration, unhappiness, health problems and relationship issues caused by too little time. Enjoy hobbies and down-time without a sense of guilt. Have time to volunteer for your favorite organization. Pursue interests you've previously never had time for. Finally have time to think, meditate or pray the way you've always wanted. "The Secret of the Thirteenth Month" provides the simple solution for having the time to enrich your life.

About the Author

Jan Schrader and David Thomasson are co-authors of "The Secret of the Thirteenth Month," the book encapsulating the "Time Harvesting" concept they developed and tested over a ten-plus-year time frame. Both Jan and David have had careers in various fields of sales and marketing first as individual producers and then in various levels of management. Jan's emphasis was in financial services while David's was in high-tech electronic consumer and commercial products. Sharing a keen interest in sales management, the two colleagues began collaboration on a unique book that would provide a pathway to sales excellence with emphasis on areas of personal development they felt were overlooked or understated in typical sales training programs. In the course of developing that book they became acutely aware of the incredible importance of time-related issues pertaining to self-improvement. This led them from their original book plan to the development of the principle of "Time Harvesting" and ultimately to the creation of "The Secret of the Thirteenth Month," a series of strategies for identifying and utilizing valuable bits of overlooked and unused time. It is the authors' desire that many will find their lives enriched by assimilating and employing the Time Harvesting principles.
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