Lighting Techniques for Low Key Portrait Photography (Paperback)

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Photographers learn from a master the impact and drama that can be created through the precise creation of low key portraits-portraits in which the tonal range is primarily dark. While the low key technique lends a classic, artistic, subdued mood to images that may seem relaxed and effortless, creating this style presents significant challenges for the photographer, all of which are addressed in this book. Guidelines for selecting the best lighting equipment and light modifiers for efficiently creating low key portraits are detailed, as are the most effective techniques for measuring the light in the scene for correct exposure. Photographers of all levels learn to consider the impact of creating images in a controlled key.
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ISBN: 9781584281207
ISBN-10: 1584281200
Publisher: Amherst Media
Publication Date: January 1st, 2004
Pages: 128
Language: English