Accountable (Paperback)

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Bedford Homicide Detective Valerie Benchik understands the toll violent crime takes on those left behind. She was only ten when her best friend was abducted and strangled, and now Val must cope with another devastating loss when her husband is fatally shot. Normally focused and confident, Val is haunted by images of Dave's last moments and she immerses herself in work when a young attorney is tortured and killed after placing a frantic, untraceable call to 911. Adriana Ortiz quit her job at Bedford's most prestigious firm to work for Legal Aid and recently had a confrontation with an abusive, drug-dealing ex-boyfriend. With her partner, Greg Jordan, Val tracks down the ex, and after he shoots Val and escapes, his guilt seems certain-until a 911 operator gets a second untraceable call and then a third. The detectives soon come to the chilling realization they're hunting a killer on a mission to hold his victims accountable for their actions. With the clock ticking on another 911 call, Val is desperate to stop the killer and provide some closure for the relatives, but she allows raw emotions to overrule her cop instincts, and when she pursues a suspect without backup, she finds herself facing the same fate as the other victims.
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ISBN: 9781683480099
ISBN-10: 1683480090
Publisher: Page Publishing
Publication Date: July 25th, 2016
Pages: 274
Language: English