Start Up and Business Management: Entrepreneurship and small business guide: how to manage your social media, marketing, ethics public policy and fina (Paperback)

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Book Description:

Do you want to increase your commercial properties value? Do you want to boost and execute your business at the peak level?

Do you want to know which experts can actually help you to improve your investment?

This guide on "start-up and how to manage bars and restaurants in marketing and business plan" will provide you the key to understand how to enrich and reply to these and other many questions, approximately the world of commercial real estate and business activities, gathering the experience of the finest experts in this field and their recommendations.

In fact, all could purchase a property or start business on their own, but in a very competitive market (where everyone does the same thing) "do it by yourself" randomly, is absolutely less productive for a professional approach; there are secrets and blunders to avoid in the process of purchasing and in the process of setting and management of an enterprise.

Can you raise a business and bring it at the top?

Lastly, when is the time to sell?

When repurchase?

What to buy?

Do you already know how to make an enterprise profitable that beats the competition, be viable and in to a tomorrow will guarantee you an important value in case of sales?

This handbook, will answer you and moreover it will also treat:

  • The secrets of success for a commercial property and companies and activities
  • Focus on the segment food and beverage and entertainment as a starting point and case study
  • When and how renovate a property in a professional manner and clever
  • The marketing for real estate properties in the digital era: war horses and new technologies.
  • Social media advertising in the commercial industry
  • The best real estate agent for commercial properties investments and sales of your assets
  • Typical faults of investors and change of mind set after the covid -19
  • Food and beverage industry secrets
  • Start up and managing bar and restaurants
  • and more

We will teach you how to know the best professional figures, for an agent (or a top expert in food and beverage industry and design) can help you to "grow the value of your properties or commercial activities".

We will make you understand that "sometimes spend less, to spare, force you to spend more" at the end.

We will explain you which are the best properties, so do not begin immediately to make mistakes in the first stage of the route: there are in fact occurring mistakes due to the rush and lack of experience.

No more mistakes even in just the first stage of planning of the business

And at the end you will decide to sell during the best time, to earn, or invest again

Learn to ensure you are offered the best and discover their tips

Learn to choose the best expertise for every type of intervention and investment: at the very least, you will get converted into an expert of properties and commercial activities.

Today you have the choice to "upload" immediately the book that will clarify practical things with real examples

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Product Details
ISBN: 9781801124713
ISBN-10: 180112471X
Publisher: L. Keller
Publication Date: October 17th, 2020
Pages: 152
Language: English