Brittanica Quiz Show! Round 2 - with Christopher Lloyd


Saturday, November 28 at 11 AM (CST)


A very exciting, interactive quiz show for the whole family! 


Anderson's Bookshops is excited to offer families everywhere a fun and educational quiz show event featuring Christopher Lloyd and the Britannica All New Kids' Encyclopedia: What We Know and What We Don't!  


Check out this video for a taste of what the event is like:


Your ticket purchase includes a copy of the book AND a spot in the quiz show as a contestant.  The author will take you through an overview of each chapter in this book (the first of its kind since 1986!) and then play host to the quiz show that everyone can participate in.  Some of our booksellers tried it out and it is truly exciting!   This is truly the most fun and immersive way to learn all about a world which is far more interesting than anything you could possibly make up.


This beautiful book is a must-have resource in every house, and with signed copies available exclusively from Anderson's, it also makes a wonderful holiday gift.

Registration is required but one ticket purchase good for everyone in your house to use.


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