Chaz Ebert

May 2 @ 7 PM

Anderson's Bookshop - Naperville
123 West Jefferson Avenue, Naperville, IL

Join Anderson’s Bookshop for an in-person event with author Chaz Ebert, to celebrate the release of It's Time to Give a FECK, on Thursday, May 2nd at 7pm in out Naperville Store. She will be in conversation with film critic Sarah Knight Adamson.

Event Format:

  • Author Presentation, Audience Q&A
  • Signing & Photo Line

Pre-registration is required for this event because space is limited.




More about It's Time to Give a FECK:  

Forgiveness, Empathy, Compassion, and Kindness—these four fundamental human values are the key to unlocking great unity and humanity. In It’s Time to Give a FECK, Chaz Ebert takes the reader through a heartfelt journey of how the four FECK Principles have prevailed through the most adverse circumstances and united strangers in the name of love. Read on to discover the stories and science as to how the elevation of our personal humanity is key to keeping humanity as a whole united.

None of us has to go it alone.

Since her husband’s, Roger Ebert’s, death on April 4, 2013, it has been Chaz Ebert’s fervent desire for things such as forgiveness, empathy, compassion, and kindness—the FECK Principles—to spread in such a viral way that they become a natural part of our lives. A next step to the work Chaz and Roger began together, It’s Time to Give a FECK is a call for the elevation of unity among humanity and a movement to transform empathy into action by choosing to become a part of the conversation surrounding the philosophical principles that matter for the betterment of our local and global societies.

Good can come from the most frightening of circumstances and positive strides in human behavior can be made from even the most horrifying experiences. And transformations made within these times have the potential to be equally, if not even more, powerful if sustained. In It’s Time to Give a FECK, Chaz Ebert takes readers on an awakening journey of how the FECK Principles have prevailed through the most adverse circumstances, uniting strangers in the name of love.

  • Where do we go from here?
  • What can we do to prove to one another that we really are in this together?
  • What contributions can we each make in the name of forgiveness, empathy, compassion, and kindness?

If you care about changing the way things are and bringing more love—for life itself, for yourself, and for others—into your life, this book will give you the stories and strategies that move you into action and allow you to “Give a FECK” in any way, big or small, that fills your heart and the hearts of others.

About the Author: 
Chaz Ebert is an active producer of television and movies, and the CEO of Ebert Digital LLC—publisher of the preeminent movie review site, For twenty-four years, she shared a life with Pulitzer-prize winner, Roger Ebert. In their work to foster empathy through cinema and around the globe, they established the Ebertfest Film Festival and the Roger Ebert Center for Film Studies at the University of Illinois. Chaz has passionately continued to lead all established events, while endeavoring to nurture the next generation of film writers, critics, and filmmakers through the Roger Ebert Fellowship, launched in 2014 by Sundance Institute Founder, Robert Redford. She also continues to award the Golden Thumb and Ebert Humanitarian Awards at Ebertfest, and at the Toronto and Chicago International Film Festivals to filmmakers who exhibit an unusually compassionate view of the world. 

Sarah Knight Adamson (Conversation Partner) has been the film and television critic for the internationally syndicated radio show Hollywood 360 for the past 15 years. Her reviews are heard live weekly on over 100+ radio stations coast to coast and abroad. Her reviews, interviews, and event coverage are on her website: She is also a freelance writer for the esteemed film and TV entertainment website, a critic for Rotten Tomatoes, and a past Academy Award press member. As a Naperville resident since 1982, her 20-year career as a classroom teacher of gifted literature in Naperville District #203 is the perfect match for critiquing children and family films.