Dr. Laura Bokar In Person

November 28 @ 7 PM

Anderson's Bookshop - Naperville
123 West Jefferson Avenue, Naperville, IL


Join Anderson’s Bookshop for an in-person event and signing line with therapist and CEO of the Fox Valley Institute, Dr. Laura Bokar, to celebrate the release of her book, We Need to Talk: 24 Simple Insights for Relationships, on Monday, November 28th at 7pm in our Naperville store.

This event will be held in our Naperville store location (123 West Jefferson Ave), and pre-registration is required as space is limited.





Do you want to create the relationship you have always desired? In her new book, Dr. Laura Bokar uses her thirty years of experience to share common issues that affect relationships and the practical approaches to resolve them. Whether you are married, planning to be, or are looking for a relationship, her practical insights will begin your journey to the loving relationship you want in your life.

In these pages, Dr. Laura presents twenty-four invaluable insights into difficulties people have at various stages of a relationship. Presented in an honest yet gentle way, you can use this book as a guide to examine behaviors, analyze actions, and resolve issues that may have created a barrier between you and your partner that you never realized existed. A new sense of hope and optimism will open the door to conversation with your partner using the Practical Insights and free downloadable worksheets listed at the end of each chapter.


About the Author
Dr. Laura Bokar, LMFT, LCPC, ACS is the CEO of Fox Valley Institute for Growth and Wellness in Naperville, Illinois. Founded by Dr. Laura in 2001, the Fox Valley Institute has been the recipient of numerous awards for its distinguished work as a leader in business and the Health and Wellness industry.

Dr. Laura is also an author, speaker, guest expert for television and radio. In her book, WE NEED TO TALK!: 24 Simple Insights for Relationships, Dr. Laura  uses her thirty years of experience to share common issues that affect relationships and the practical approaches to resolve them.

Dr. Laura also values and invests in the community. She serves as the president of the Board of KidsMatter, a non-profit whose mission is to provide a community-wide prevention health strategy to combat teenage destructive behaviors. She also serves on the executive board of Loaves & Fishes, a non-profit organization that provides healthy food and promotes self-sufficiency in the community as well as financially supports many other non-profits.