Justin Weinberger

May 8 @ 6 PM

Anderson's Bookshop Downers Grove
5112 Main St, Downers Grove

Join Anderson’s Bookshop for an in-person event with author Justin Weinberger, to celebrate the release of Zombie Season #2: Dead in the Water, on Wednesday, May 8th at 6pm in our Downers Grove Store. 

Event Format

  • Author Presentation, Audience Q&A
  • Signing & Photo Line

Pre-registration is required for this event because space is limited.




More about Zombie Season #2: Dead in the Water:  

The next innovation in the book and gaming space is here: Zombie Season! Read the book. Play the game. Fight the undead.

With Redwood destroyed, the survivors are doing their best to adjust to their new reality. But a new threat is lurking in the shadows -- an enemy that no one believed existed. One that was just waiting for the right moment to strike...

Play the game on Roblox! After they finish the book, readers will be able to join the fight against the zombies by protecting defenses, designing traps, and uncovering top-secret information about where the zombies came from and how to stop them.


About the Author: 

Justin Weinberger is a novelist and television writer. 

His first children's book, REFORMED, was published with Scholastic Press in 2017. Currently, Justin is hard at work writing his next middle-grade novel(s). Stay tuned for more soon!

His latest TV work is as a co-producer for the forthcoming FX/Hulu limited series “The Patient”. Prior to this, he wrote for the final season of “The Americans” on FX, which received the Writers Guild of America award for Outstanding Writing, in 2019.

Originally from in Easton, Pennsylvania, Justin studied writing and television production at Syracuse University, and now lives in Brooklyn.