Michael Rossi

April 15 @ 2 PM

Anderson's Bookshop - Naperville
123 West Jefferson Avenue, Naperville, IL


Join Anderson’s Bookshop for an in-person event and signing line with author Michael Rossi, to celebrate his novel The Doxxing of Clearwater High, on Saturday, April 15th, at 2pm in our Naperville Store. After his presentation, Michael will take audience questions, have signing line and take photos with attendees if they wish!

This event will be held in our Naperville store location (123 West Jefferson Ave), and pre-registration is required as space is limited.




More about The Doxxing of Clearwater High

doxxing (noun):

to search for and publish private information about someone on the internet, typically with malicious intent.

to ruin someone's life.

Clearwater is a town that has forgotten that every great teacher is first a great liar. All of that changes one day in December when a mysterious hacker uploads 119 private files stolen from Clearwater's teachers. Suddenly the private medical records, email exchanges, tax returns, Tinder profiles, Netflix preferences, Craigslist ads, direct messages, and GPS movements of 41 educators are a curious click away, and the rest of the faculty dwells in fear of another leak.

The Doxxing of Clearwater High tells the stories of the teachers and students exposed by this suburban Wikileaks. The science teacher with the shocking search history. The math teacher who made a sex tape. The French teacher outed as a transgender woman. The English teacher concealing a hidden punk rock past. The principal racing to save his school from collapse. In an era where every phone hides a camera and every keystroke leaves a trail, a community must acknowledge that those charged with teaching the humanities are often the most fallibly human themselves.


About the Author

Michael Rossi is a high school English teacher and Cross Country coach. This is his first book, which is not at all based on any of his colleagues or former students. He lives in Aurora, Illinois, where he is blessed with a family and adored by dogs.