Mike Duncan - Drive-Thru Event

Tuesday, Oct 12, 2021, 6:00 PM


Drive-thru event with Mike Duncan

Anderson's Bookshop at Community Christian Church

1635 Emerson Lane, Naperville, IL


Join Anderson’s bookshop for an in-person event with New York Times bestselling author Mike Duncan to celebrate his new book, Hero of Two Worlds: The Marquis de Lafayette in the Age of Revolution!  


This is a drive-through book signing!  A map will be provided before the event date for you to enter the parking lot at a specific point.  We'll scan your ticket, then you'll pull up and say hello to Mike from your car while he signs your book.  You can also take a photo at this point from your car.  You will remain in your vehicle for the entire event. Pre-registration is required as space is limited.


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Please read these COVID protection requirements carefully:

A ticket is required for all attendees, attendance will be capped, and seating may also be restricted in order to allow for social distancing.

Anderson’s Bookshop, the author, and the publisher reserve the right to change the format of this event to a virtual one at any time if it becomes necessary.  A change in format will not entitle ticket holders to any refund.

Failure to follow these guidelines and to treat all participants with courtesy and respect may result in your expulsion from the event.


Please be advised that Anderson’s Bookshop assumes no responsibility or liability for any personal injury or other loss you may incur as a result of your decision to attend an event, including the transmission of Covid-19 or related illnesses.  We expect that for the protection of everyone, all applicable Covid related protocols will be followed.  


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


More about the book:

From the bestselling author of The Storm Before the Storm and host of the Revolutions podcast comes the thrilling story of the Marquis de Lafayette’s lifelong quest to defend the principles of liberty and equality

Few in history can match the revolutionary career of the Marquis de Lafayette. Over fifty incredible years at the heart of the Age of Revolution, he fought courageously on both sides of the Atlantic. He was a soldier, statesman, idealist, philanthropist, and abolitionist.
As a teenager, Lafayette ran away from France to join the American Revolution. Returning home a national hero, he helped launch the French Revolution, eventually spending five years locked in dungeon prisons. After his release, Lafayette sparred with Napoleon, joined an underground conspiracy to overthrow King Louis XVIII, and became an international symbol of liberty. Finally, as a revered elder statesman, he was instrumental in the overthrow of the Bourbon Dynasty in the Revolution of 1830.
From enthusiastic youth to world-weary old age, from the pinnacle of glory to the depths of despair, Lafayette never stopped fighting for the rights of all mankind. His remarkable life is the story of where we come from, and an inspiration to defend the ideals he held dear.

About the author:

Mike Duncan is one of the most popular history podcasters in the world and author of the New York Times–bestselling book, The Storm Before the Storm: The Beginning of the End of the Roman Republic. His award-winning series, The History of Rome, remains a legendary landmark in the history of podcasting. Duncan’s ongoing series, Revolutions, explores the great political revolutions that have driven the course of modern history.