Open Discussion Project - April

Monday, April 22nd at 7:00 PM

Anderson’s Bookshop Naperville
123 W Jefferson Ave, Naperville

Update: Books for this month have arrived and are available at our Naperville store! Please visit the Open Discussion Project page here for a complete list of our ground rules and potential future books.

Our next meeting will be held on Monday, April 22nd at 7 pm in our Naperville location.The book we will be discussing is The Inclusive Economy: How to Bring Wealth to America's Poor. This book is 20% off at Anderson's right now! Don't feel like you have to finish the entire book to come to the meeting or join in the discussion.

What is the ODP? With the growing polarization of our society regarding politics and problems facing our nation, Anderson’s Bookshop is pleased to be participating in the Open Discussion Project. The club's goal is to foster dialog and better understanding between people with different political viewpoints and to provide a space for civil discourse on controversial or divisive topics. The book selections are also chosen to represent issues and viewpoints across the political spectrum. The aim of each discussion is to promote understanding ... “Ah, now I understand how they can think that!” ... rather than convince anyone of a particular point of view. We have two facilitators skilled at doing just that.

Event Details

This event is free and open to the public. The discussion will be facilitated by Hubert Morgan and Mary Gibson. All viewpoints are welcome and encouraged to attend - please join us! 

Please share this information with anyone you think would be interested in joining our discussion and listening. Bring a friend this month who thinks differently than you do!

Thank you for your participation and interest in this project!