Grown Up's Guide to StoryQuest

We are thrilled to launch this exciting new summer program designed to put your young readers in the heart of the story! We created StoryQuest to incorporate a list of titles thoughtfully chosen by our Children's managers with fun activities that are suited to a wide variety of interests and involvement.


The story behind StoryQuest

The backstory of StoryQuest is pretty simple. The Aliterati are a nefarious organization that hates reading so much that they want to destroy all books. To defend their mutual love of literature, Questers are teaming up with magical creatures known as BookWyrms to defeat the Aliterati.


Collect BookWyrm Bookmarks

The simplest way to participate in StoryQuest is by reading books and collecting BookWyrms. Every time your young readers purchase a StoryQuest title from Anderson's Bookshops, they will receive a BookWyrm bookmark. There are 10 different designs, and your young reader can collect them all, as supplies last.


Battle BookWyrms

All you need to battle BookWyrms is two participants and at least two BookWyrm bookmarks. Playing a BookWyrm battle is a hybrid between "Rock, Paper, Scissors" and the rules typical of most trading card games.


Complete Tasks and Earn Stars

When your young reader finishes reading a StoryQuest title, they can complete Tasks (mini projects) as a way to earn stars. Choose at least one Task from our Task list, complete the Task, and then visit us in-store to turn it in. Be sure to bring your BookWyrm Bookmark(s) along with your Task(s)! Questers earn 1 star for each Task that they complete. Stars are then used to level-up their BookWyrm's Power and Battle Energy. We're excited to feature completed Tasks online and in-store!


Fight the Aliterati

When a Quester turns in a Task, they have the opportunity to fight the Aliterati. Questers choose one of their BookWyrms to fight. Depending on that BookWyrm's Power level, the Quester rolls a number of dice. The total of their dice roll is the damage they deal to the Aliterati.

Power Level 1: Roll 1 die
Power Level 2: Roll 2 dice
Power Level 3: Roll 3 dice

It will take the combined efforts of all our Questers to defeat this notorius team. We'll keep Questers updated on our progress through email updates and our in-store Aliterati Power Tracker.


Attend Quester Gatherings

Your young readers are invited to join other Questers for our in-store events. They can meet special guests, enjoy snacks, and battle their BookWyrms while they discuss the books they've read.