How to Battle BookWyrms


Did you know that BookWyrms love to battle? Nothing gets a BookWyrm ready to defeat the Aliterati like practicing their battling skills with other BookWyrms!


Challenge Your Friends to a BookWyrm Battle

  1. Find another Quester and choose your BookWyrm.
  2. Select your attack and play rock, paper, scissors (RPS).
  3. The winner of RPS lands their attack successfully and reducing the opposing BookWyrm’s Battle Energy. For example, if Quester A selects rock and Quester B selects scissors, only Quester A’s attack deals damage.
  4. The first Quester to reduce the opponent’s Battle Energy to 0 wins!


Make your BookWyrm the best battler in the land! Increase your BookWyrm's attack strength by earning Task stars.