Meet the Aliterati

The Aliterati


Who are the Aliterati?

The Aliterati are a powerful and devious organization that hates reading and is determined to destroy all the books in the universe, starting with Anderson’s Bookshops. It’s up to you as a Quester and your BookWyrm companions to defeat them.



Her goal is simple: erase every story ever told using her ink-eating minions. Help us eliminate the infestation before it’s too late!


This mechanical warrior is determined to seek and destroy all books. Their fire-throwing arms will torch bookshelves to ash if you don’t shut them down quick!

Story Shredder

With shark-like teeth, this guy is ready to tear through every page in Anderson’s Bookshop. Knock those chompers out before he can devour every story in sight!


How do we defeat the Aliterati?

After you read a StoryQuest title, complete at least one Task from the StoryQuest Task List. Return to any Anderson’s location to turn in your Task and to let a Bookseller know you’re there to take down the Aliterati. Select ONE of your BookWyrms to help you with that day’s mission. Damage dealt to the Aliterati member is based on the roll of a die. The number of dice you roll depends on your BookWyrm’s Power Level:

Power Level 1: Roll 1 die
Power Level 2: Roll 2 dice
Power Level 3: Roll 3 dice

It will take the combined efforts of all our Questers to defeat this notorius team! We'll keep Questers updated on our progress through email updates and our in-store Aliterati Power Tracker.


What happens if I help fight the Aliterati?

If you join the quest to defeat the Aliterati, you'll be automatically entered into our StoryQuest prize drawings. Possible prizes include a new, randomly selected BookWyrm bookmark, advanced reading copies of select titles, and Anderson’s Bookshop gift cards. Winners of the prize drawings will be announced through our StoryQuest emails.

Fighting the Aliterati also boosts your overall Quester Score, which is a combination of the number of stars you've earned and the damage you've dealt to the Aliterati. Questers with the highest scores will have their names posted on a leaderboard on the website and in each store for everyone to see!