Meet The BookWyrms

BookWyrm Companions

Illustrations by Jennifer Finlen, Jay Fleck, Jeffrey Brown, Chad Sell, and Gene Ha


What is a BookWyrm?

BookWyrms are magical defenders of the written word. As you read, your BookWyrms travel through the story with you, gaining power as they go. There are 10 different known BookWyrms - the more you read, the better your chance to collect them all!


BookWyrm Bookmarks

How do I get my BookWyrms?

Every time you purchase a title from the StoryQuest reading list, you get a new BookWyrm bookmark! When you purchase or pick up your book at any Anderson’s location, you can choose your new BookWyrm bookmark from the available selection. If you purchase a title online and have it shipped to you, we will randomly select your new BookWyrm bookmark and ship it to you with your book.


Special thanks to our BookWyrm Illustrators!

Jeffrey Brown, Kerry Clemm, Jennifer Finlen, Jay Fleck, Gene Ha, Aaron RenierChad Sell, and Rachel Thomas.