Wish Lists for Educators

Did you know that when you have an account with us on Andersonsbookshop.com you can create multiple wish lists! 


Yes! Finally a separate list for all your suspensful thrillers or steamy romance that you hope to read over break AND your classroom list of children's titles that you hope fill your little learners hearts. Maybe you'll have a third list for holiday gift ideas - and a fourth list for books you want to send to your admin for classroom bulk buy... and another list ... well maybe 4 is good!?  


You see our point though... it's easy to shop our special curated book lists and add them to any of your wish lists. It's easy to share those wish lists with anyone you choose, or opt to keep them private.

Wish List Help Doc


If you need a little guidance, here's a quick reference doc! 


Wish lists are a great way to build large orders for special classroom purchases!

When your list is ready you can contact Sue Skells... she'll help you with any additional discounts your order might qualify for.